Hello from the Other Side of the Pond!

Greetings from the USA! We’ve been back for a little over a month now, and what a busy time it’s been! We arrived right before Independence Day, and things have been rolling since. Within the first week, we bought a new-to-us vehicle, enrolled our son in school, and registered him for classes. Then we took a few days to visit charming Pittsburgh, do a little camping outside of the city, and meet up with friends we met in Thailand.

Around that time, I was offered a permanent position with a federal government agency, a position I had applied for while still in Taiwan. So I scrambled to complete the necessary paperwork online while still in Pittsburgh.

After returning from Pittsburgh, we moved to our new apartment and finally began the process of unpacking, settling in, and getting to know our new neighborhood. We’re at the tail end of unpacking, but still aren’t quite settled in yet. Our son had an orientation at school, began taking music lessons again, and we bought a second car so I can get to work.

This week, I started my new job, and my husband and son are in Florida visiting friends. It’s been quite a few weeks!

But even before coming home, things were already pretty crazy. The week after school ended was spent finalizing our packing, seeing friends one last time, and getting ready to leave our apartment. Then we met up with another friend (whom we also met in Thailand) to travel around northern Taiwan for a week. It was a fabulous week! I’m so happy we got to see another side of Taiwan–the side that’s green, beautiful, and scenic! I will detail our travels in another post.

We had our luggage sent up to Taipei to meet us at the airport, so we could fly out of Taipei (that is another post altogether! Coming soon!). Thankfully, the flights back were smooth and uneventful.

Coming back home hasn’t been a difficult adjustment at all. It truly has felt like we never left, which is the complete opposite of our repatriation experience returning from Thailand. That alone tells me that things in Taiwan and the USA aren’t all that different. Also, we were gone for only one year, but after a year in Thailand, we felt changed. Not this time around, though.

It has felt really good to be back. We’re happy knowing that we’ll be here for a few years and that we’ll be putting down some roots. We’re happy to see our dear friends again. We’re happy to be in familiar surroundings. We’re happy to be breathing clean, refreshing air. We’re happy to be drinking clean water. We are happy to walk among trees, with grass, instead of concrete, under our feet. We’re happy.

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