First Vacation

Last weekend, we finally went on our first vacation–to Kenting–after moving to Taiwan. We had planned to take this short break at the end of July, but a typhoon that weekend made us alter our plans and postpone them until this past weekend.

After almost two months here, it was a much-needed break from daily life and the stresses of adjusting to a new environment. It was nice to just be, get out of the city, and be in open space and nature. We enjoyed ourselves. But we didn’t have much planned, which was a mistake because we aren’t the type that sits and lounges on the beach. We enjoy exploring and taking in the local scene, which we did a little. But Kenting is a small area, and without a scooter or some kind of transportation, it is difficult to get around. We had planned on renting a scooter (one place we asked charged a reasonable $400NT for six hours), but my husband didn’t have his international driver’s license with him, which was required for scooter rental. Regardless, it was a good time, and we were glad to be able to finally explore Taiwan a tiny bit more.

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